Mindfulness & Movement Program

Corporate Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness Program:

What is Mindfulness & Movement?

Anybody Movement is on a mission to share wellness techniques, stress reduction practices, and transformative movement classes. Mindfulness & Movement is an accessible program that you can offer your employees to enhance their well-being and productivity. This program is tailor-made to your employees, offering them a range of techniques and practices that will create moments of stillness, calm and reflection.

How does Mindfulness & Movement work?

Mindfulness & Movement sessions can range from 60 Minute Yoga classes, 30 Minute Stretch & Relax classes, Meditation Sessions, and Health & Wellness Workshops. After meeting and exploring your needs we create a personalized program that fits your company, community, and culture.

How can this help my team?

Stress affects everyone and can have a serious impact on physical and mental health. According to a study conducted by The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, more than half of the 550 million working days lost every year from absenteeism are stress-related. Offering employees stress care practices, time for self-care and fostering community is a fantastic way to help manage stress. Mindfulness practices can help people be more adaptable, creative, increase empathy and create safe spaces for communication.

What do we need to offer Mindfulness & Movement sessions?

Depending on the types of classes you’d like to offer the space needed will differ. We are able to make most types of spaces work for Yoga, Stretch or Meditation sessions.

How do we get started?

Send an email to juan@anybodymovement.com and we can begin designing your Mindfulness & Movement Program!