FREE Online Classes

Were excited to announce that our new PATREON Page is now live! This subscriber platform allows us to offer FREE and Patreon only online yoga classes, private classes and some other goodies! There are a few different monthly subscription levels so you can find the one that works best for you!

“Juan and Mark are two of my favourite yoga teachers on the planet. I met them both back in February 2016 while in New Zealand doing my 200-HOUR yoga teacher training. I then went on to do my 300-HOUR training in Bali with Juan in 2017. Although I am still in New Zealand & they are in Canada, I feel fortunate that I can still practice yoga with them online via their YouTube channel. “Super knowledgeable, safe, open hearted, real, creative, funny, & inspiring” are just a few words that come to mind when I think of Juan & Mark. Mark has the voice of an angel & Juan is a physical genius whose teaching is so supportive, kind & on target that he can safely make yoga accessible to all ages & body types. I never thought that I would become a Patreon supporter for anyone, but I joined to help support these two beautiful humans so that they can keep their knowledge, creativity & positivity flowing out to the world. Mark & Juan are such good people. I look forward to following their adventures. 💜”

Dr Heidi Douglass Raglan, New Zealand