Online Classes

Were excited to announce that our new PATREON Page is now live! This subscriber platform allows us to offer online yoga classes, private classes and some other goodies! There are a few different monthly subscription levels so you can find the one that works best for you!

We will be bringing you unique Yoga Classes, some filmed at our home studio and others filmed in some really cool places all over the world, plus the occasional Dance or Music performance 🙂 We’re combining our love of travel with our passion for creating mindful, accessible yoga classes for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

By supporting our PATREON page you’re helping us make this dream come true. You’ll be part of this adventure, every step of the way. Or if you would like to donate, click the link below: 

“Before joining AnyBody Movement, I used to practice Hatha Yoga and Pilates with Mark and Juan at a local yoga studio. Mark and Juan both teach from a very genuine place. Mark’s Hatha classes are classic, calming and grounding at the same time. His angelic voice, choice of words and way of teaching helps me bring mindfulness and space to my practice and my life. What I love about Juan is that he teaches Pilates and more active styles of yoga in such a light and non-intimidating way. With his detailed and precise instructional cues, Juan makes it easy for me to get into more challenging poses. When I practice with Juan, I feel that I am getting a good deep workout in a fun, light and therapeutic way that is sustainable for me. I am so grateful to be able to practice with my two favourite instructors on a daily basis in the comfort of my home and with the fraction of the price I used to pay for my membership at the local yoga studio. The classes they offer have a great variety in terms of style, duration and theme. Each day, I can select a practice (or two, or three!) that I feel I need and brings more balance to my day depending on my daily activities and schedule. Thank you, AnyBody Movement, for this amazing opportunity….”

Tara ~ Vancouver

“Mark and Juan are two of my most favourite yoga teachers of all time. I have been a regular student of theirs for several years, and I always feel much better after taking their class. Since the pandemic, I searched to find them and was pleased to discover that they set up online classes through Patreon. Although I dearly miss their live classes in the studio, the online classes are very convenient and I can enjoy a variety of classes whenever I want. Both Juan and Mark are amazing teachers, creative, caring and offer numerous suggestions for adaptation. They are both knowledgeable in yoga and movement practices, as well as the insights from a deeper and spiritual practice. Juan also offers great pilates classes which work the core so well with unique and diverse ways that make the workout that much more interesting. I especially like Mark’s divine voice when he sings mantras during a class.”

Jane ~ Vancouver