Private Classes

“Congratulations if you are considering taking part in any of the class offerings from Mark and Juan! I was fortunate to have been taught by both of these gentlemen and have everything positive to say about their integrity, experience, mindfulness, compassion, and excellent teaching abilities. Namaste.”

Lorraine in Toronto

What are Private Classes?

AnyBody Movement Private Classes are individual or small group classes, designed to meet your specific goals and health and wellness needs. Drawing on a diverse range of styles and practices, we create Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness and Meditation classes that offer the comfort and ease of having a tailor-made plan with the support and attention this type of class can offer.

Where are they taught?

Classes are either taught at the AnyBody Movement Studio or at your home or other location of your choosing.

Who can benefit from Private Classes?

Everyone! Private classes are great for those new to Yoga, Meditation or Pilates and are also wonderful for those with limited availability in their schedules to go to public classes. People with injuries or health conditions can really find benefit from the individualized aspect of the classes.

How much does a class cost?

Single Private Individual Class: $75

Single Private Group Class (max 3 people): $100

Single Private Group Class (max 8 people): $150

Pack of 4 Private Individual Classes: $280

Pack of 4 Private Group Classes (max 3 people): $380

Pack of 4 Private Group Classes (max 8 people): $580

How do I book classes?

Email to discuss and arrange Private Classes

and complete the liability waiver below:

Liability Waiver

Basic & Contact Info

Emergency Info

I hereby agree to the following:

1. Even with clear instruction there is the possibility of injury and that it is my responsibility to consult a physician regarding any and all matters involving my personal health and including without limitation: (a) any prior or existing injuries; and (b) my ability to participate in the programs offered by ANYBODY MOVEMENT teachers.

2. I attest that I have no psychological, medical or emotional condition that would prevent me from safe participation in an ANYBODY MOVEMENT class.

3. I release and discharge ANYBODY MOVEMENT, its associated and affiliated companies, and their respective directors, employees and instructors from all liability, claims, demands or actions that I may take resulting from injury, death, or damages arising from my participation in the physical activity classes (i.e. yoga, fitness, Pilates) offered by ANYBODY MOVEMENT and my utilization of ANYBODY MOVEMENT facilities and services (i.e. home studio), including losses caused by the negligence of the released parties.

4. I understand that ANYBODY MOVEMENT is not responsible for the loss, theft or damage of guests’ personal items.

5. I recognize that this agreement of release and waiver of liability is a legal contract and that I have complete knowledge of its contents.

6. I agree that I am above the legal age of majority in my province or territory of residence (19 or older in BC) and do not require a parent or guardian consent.

7. I have read this agreement and fully understand its contents and meaning, and sign it of my free will.

“I highly recommend Juan. I did a lot of research before I found him. He is very knowledgeable and has lots of experience. When I met him, I wasn’t disappointed. His instructions are very clear. And he is very patient and encouraging.

Marian L. ~ Vancouver, BC